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重庆健康网春泄绣榻|励学南大考研网Han sui was waiting outside the camp, looking a little ugly. This was probably the longest time he had ever seen him waiting. However, he did not wait for the news, but came out of the camp."Congratulations to the host level promotion, successful promotion to a side of the male, get the Lord skill - false dragon chi, get a random star growth opportunity once.""Yin wei, you take our people, cooperate with all protect adults, destroy the city xianbei people. Juyan king to see their own escort command way.

Lu lingqi glanced at him lightly and said, "this is the difference between those of us who are warriors and those of you who think themselves noble and noble. Even if we die, he is a hero. If there is a glimmer of hope, we must be saved."This is in the trip purpose, accompany a wife to come out is a kind of prenatal education, the next time, lyu3 bu4 walk the sable cicada in the bazaar, looking at large and small shops in a wide variety of goods, and some even bring over western hu shang, lyu3 bu4 informed, naturally there is no surprise, but for the sable cicada, it is a novelty.< / p > < p > when the Japanese hired back to the barracks, they did not have the news of lu lingqi, lu lingqi less, and a uniform cavalry, to come and go like the wind, wen ping with a group of infantry, how can catch up? Otherwise, he would not have been CAI MAO demoted to the gate officer.重庆健康网春泄绣榻|Guo jia rises suddenly, look cheng yu way: "does lv bu have what reaction?"

重庆健康网春泄绣榻|< / p > < p > chang 'an academy of sima defense, fang Ming a large group of former in Hanoi family master, backbone, at the moment so embarrassed kneeling in front of lu bu, sima defense described a sad, not only was broken limbs, chest also collapsed down some, lu bu arrived, has been more air intake less, it was about to die....Korea hence battle, had to save power, burn out qiang and fight the huns, may not have noticed at the beginning, but after p. o back to the news, burn when Lao wang carefully think, that despite being lyu3 bu4 chuan, forty thousand soldiers, with the strength of itself in the following war wreck far less than in the burn out qiang and xiongnu, it is figured out that burn when Lao wang is not willing to give Korea hard.

Wolf qiang wang's body was found in the corpse heap, have no way, vaguely, also can identify from armor above, countless Wolf qiang people gathered together, silent looked at them the heads of the body, sorrow, hate, but more, is lost, lost the Wolf qiang wang, and angered the huns, next, how can they survive?"I have met with you before: general zhong lang, who is the military advisor of general zheng xi's office." Li ru came to the public, looking at the different looks of the people, slightly smiled.Zhang was surprised when he heard what he had said. Lu bu not only wanted to use legalism, but also further divided the power of the prefectures, prefectures and prefectures.重庆健康网春泄绣榻|




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