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团伙研发作弊软件重庆市化医技师学院"I have come to keep my promise." Giffin laughed."Yes." Giffin gave a wry smile, turned and dismounted, toward the provost lu bu said: "xin see master."At this very moment, A gong suddenly rang on both sides of Huaili, Followed by, from both sides of the locust tree, two men suddenly toward the fleeing back to the men, the first member of the general wearing a heavy armor, in the course of the charge, the sword in his hand viciously emptied, behind him, a group of soldiers unexpectedly while running bow archery, and is a wave of arrows rain to empty, countless just running soldiers fell to the ground.

Giffin is very leisurely, look at the sky, soon, will start again, also don't have the mind to continue to rest, just walk around the barracks at will."Oh?" Lyu3 bu4 surprised at giffin: "this larocca age know?""The daughter of the first emperor, ten thousand years of princess liu yun, son of heaven to marry, life cao cao's general CAI Yang personally escorted, now has to luoyang, not long after, will be sent to changan, congratulations master, will become a royal family." Marotta smiled.团伙研发作弊软件Chapter V Oath to Break an Arrow

团伙研发作弊软件"You and I are one husband and wife. If you have anything to say, just say it." Look at Yang Xi, lyu3 bu4 smiled."At the end of the day!" Seibel three people loudly agreed to 1, leave, lyu3 bu4 military forces now scattered around, seibel can only let Chen xing, xu sheng overnight to gather military forces, himself with now stationed in changan two thousand infantry, first step to the locust."Ha ha, the event is uncertain, wait until we kill d." Korea hence caress must laugh.

Lyu3 bu4 mouth corners spread a cold smile, the moon people have said move, sink a track: "north handsome camp.""Kill them all!" Lyu3 bu4 cold hum 1, the huns have no effect, keep will only become a marching burden, lyu3 bu4 nature will not continue to accustom them, since dare to make trouble, just give lyu3 bu4 excuse."Master rest assured, will die at the end of the finish!" Wei yan eyes flashed a touch of hot, macro track.团伙研发作弊软件




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