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水原芽依|钢格板供应商信誉Although a battle, doesn't mean anything, lyu3 bu4 could not easily will his army of thirty thousand TuGuang, but it is a battle, but to those who have just joined lyu3 bu4 tu each, zero, wolves, qiang with confidence first, after the battle, these people will like the rouzhi roamed, no longer fear the power of huns, and after this defeat, huns also psychologically gives birth to a sense of defeat."DE jong worries too much." Looking at zhang if both think expression, Chen gong filed a brush with a smile, continue to view the copywriter, shake head a way: "the master get win, you're welcome to say, to master the qiang people his bones with fear, this is a godsend, our army, both officials and military commanders in front of the qiang people, all with strong side, at the same time also want to make it clear to the qiang people, we are fair to follow the law, not bias in favor of han Chinese, but they will not favour."Chapter 23

This row crossbow is the failure of the artisan camp when study even crossbows, each frame can simultaneously nine missiles JianCu, and according to lu bu, the nine JianCu launch is a fan-shaped direction, strength, although lost many, but within fifty paces, a layer of armor, and still can penetrate and fills to save trouble, have special well crossbow box, can advance to nine was good, fixed on the special stent, directly above the crossbow bracket will be taken when using, the crossbow box according to go up, even than fills a crossbow arrow was easy."This thought, with the disaster, can chaos chang 'an, even if you can not kill lu bu, but also let him taste the bitter family destruction, unfortunately... "In the eyes of the teachers of the law, there flashed a deep hatred and madness:" the whole city of old and noble families, even in the section under lv bu's insolence! Such a missed opportunity."水原芽依|"It seems that the war in hebei will not be fought this year." Standing beside lv bu, jia xu said casually.

水原芽依|"Lord! The magnificent sea came to lv bu's side."Big brother says so." Qiang people young reluctantly laugh."Wise Lord! Jia xu nodded with a smile.Tongzhou, shangdang, zhang he daying.

That a low turnout for a group of women, there would be few, all under the practice of Addis also have some momentum, although the noisy points, but this is no big deal, but after a few days of practice, Addis began to practice, does not meet the foot soldiers to motivating lyu3 bu4 was the battle of the set out, and let the poor official in the office as a practice partner.Hey law law ~In front of this tragic scene, this guy is created by the results, but now he want to kill the other side of the head, d is not stupid, already on the way to clear the key, so long as own expelled the huns, the Wolf qiang people certainly grateful to himself, and the Wolf qiang not the king's captain, the Wolf qiang to lu bu, nature also became the natural things.水原芽依|




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