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联合国人员遭枪击谷德宝"I wait for a request to kill liu zhang, to vent public anger!" "Cried a chorus of great and noble families, falling to their knees."Bang bang bang ~"

"Yes." Meng da nodded.In the end, wei yan let go and accelerated his march. When he and his troops arrived at the chengdu plain, wei yan was a little relieved to see pang tong setting up a village outside chengdu instead of opening the gate of chengdu to meet him.Cao cao smiled sadly and nodded, from the scene of the news, obviously not large-scale military action, and this day, there is the ability to unknowingly rely on a small group of forces to slaughter 100 tiger guards plus 400 cao liu allied forces, I am afraid only under the leadership of lu bu, can appear such elite.联合国人员遭枪击"Well, it's been hard on you to be in the army all this time, and I'll be with your ladyship when the battle is over." Liu DHS

联合国人员遭枪击Lyu3 bu4 every ground, will promote the average-land system, although there are many ways to compensate the guanzhong, but see zhuge liang nature, though lyu3 bu4 given by the way, to gain more wealth, but lost a lot of families say, without the land, family is equal to the lost compete with lyu3 bu4, as long as lu bu happy, any family he can freely kneading, this also is the place that tide really reject lyu3 bu4 say and the ability to protect themselves, it is more interests cannot replace.Zhang ren was relieved to find that he needed good news from him to cheer him up and put an end to all these negative remarks. However, when zhang ren saw liu ren's face, he felt a pang of sadness. It was difficult to see zhang ren's face suddenly"Traitor?" The e smile smiled at liu zhang: "I have been your saddle horse for 20 years, but you take advantage of my absence, fornyou my wife, but also secretly murder me, also asked me why pestered, son can do

Pang tong with method is in the eye, shake head wry smile, a title of generals in ancient times who, that's acting first, power on to the royalty, down to the common, dare to stop, all kill without forgiveness, shorts before has a title of generals in ancient times the rights and power of camp said, now anyone dare to camp ran to stop a title of generals in ancient times, the true is the evils we bring."Not like a man, general." One of the riders circled around the front of the camp for a moment, looking at pound road."Well!"联合国人员遭枪击




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