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河马体育吧hemaqiuxun代办消防"My brother, why should you give him so much power? I will take someone to meet him for a while. The ballista made by the consigliere can also be used." Guan yufu said with a smile, "yesterday I saw the power of the crossbow. I also thought of some countermeasures.Pike, along the singular arc to huang zhong chest, regardless of the strength, speed and Angle, are enough to prove that, the son of a martial arts have quite unfinished, Cao Liu around the camp, but there is no lack of masters, only look at the gun, to see the child martial arts well, perhaps than the sun ce, but also not bad.Horse all smell speech at lyu3 bu4 with a wry smile, are lyu3 bu4 oneself want to, but will the lavatory buckle on his own head, and he also can't refute, horses are actually oneself also think lyu3 bu4 some fuss, lyu3 bu4 under military industry, now even private science and technology level, should be thrown leud a piece, it is necessary to care about other people?

"What if we lose?" Zhou an looked uneasily at zhou yu, which was the key."Lift shield ~" guan yu commanded, jingzhou army quickly raised the shield, single shot crossbow range has reached the limit, shot here, is already a spent arrow, can not penetrate the shield."Secondly, the Lord has enough prestige and credit, sweep yong cool, horse step huns, seal Wolf guxu, force yuan shao, plus reward and punishment clear, meritorious work will be rewarded, have had to punish, even the Lord himself and his family must go according to law, and these things, liu zhang?河马体育吧hemaqiuxun"Not bad! Lv bu drank a draught of water and looked at jia xu and said with a smile, "even those old and noble families don't admit it, but they should also see clearly that the average field has become a general trend, no matter who won the world in the future, will promote the average field, virtually reduced the cost of our digestion in the future.

河马体育吧hemaqiuxun"I will go to answer, a wick incense, and then to capture alive cao gong. "Said the knight, turning his horse's head and galloping away."Not yet." Gao shun shook his head, looking at cao cao's camp, shook his head."That is his problem, not ours. What we have to do is add fuel to the flames." Lv bu smiled.

Sun jing frowned and said, "it's just that the snake has no head... "And the new lady candidate also let a lot of people fell eyeball, was the former liu biao widow, liu cong's mother Mrs CAI.河马体育吧hemaqiuxun




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