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悦然美容网|爱水牌家用洗碗机"A rare good skill, but for a thief? If you surrender at this time, I will recommend to the prime minister in you, add officer jin jue, not to mention!" Cao Peng looked at wei yan, lang track.This time, Lyu3 bu4 side day painting ji is very slow, D can clearly see the trajectory of the party day painting ji, but soon, in the air, even produce a remnant, d spell all out, but also just barely meet, accompanied by a loud noise, d only feel a buzz in my mind, the whole body was that heavy like a heavy shock from horseback.Bloody head hanging in the gates above the most prominent position, swaying in the north wind, as if satirizing the wall outside, those who had been friends.

Liu Meng obviously not too adapted to the Han Sui face speed, nodded nervously: "I heard that lyu3 bu4 military forces are not a lot, why don't we two troops together first, how about going to attack?""General know, now changan folk rumors I three people and wei yan will morale against, to cast cao thief, general at this time no master military orders, without authorization to mobilize military forces, I'm afraid there will be villains slanderers in the future." Chen Xing carefully said.ChengTou, seibel calm command of the battle, leisurely adjust the layout of the whole city defense, no fire oil, the next battle, also returned to the right track, both sides of the soldiers in the wall above and below the battle, fight to the present, there is no strategy available.悦然美容网|"Don't worry." Lyu3 bu4 nodded, let HanDe follow the king to receive the moon people military forces, he came to the surrender of the huns.

悦然美容网|"Here!" Looked at lyu3 bu4 serious expression, zhou cang hurriedly nodded, hurriedly down the command, soon, and returned to lyu3 bu4 side: "master, when do I go?""Uncle, who is he?""I 'll fight you, dog thief!" Ma Tie could not escape, the tender face flashed a wipe of refusal, waving sabers to meet larocca, tender heart-rending cheek, with a ferocious kill.

"Some soldiers!"Chapter fifty-two defeated d"At the end of the day!" D should life, stride away.悦然美容网|




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