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900933佳丽纤美Holds the one hand and meat will flake arrows, smile will be wrapped in the man's head in the right hand baggage thrown ashore, hey smiled and looked at zhang he, "I wish to meet on the battlefield in the future, you can also say this words, my master said, to fight and war, my huiyong, cool place although less, but I don't need is not afraid dead of warriors, even completely annihilated, also want to take ten times the price for goodbye sleep, go back to tell you the master, a man the gentleman, sneaking around what skill, capable, resort to meet on the battlefield, this actually and later to a, we'll kill a, see you how many people killed!""Be." Guli heart stuffy hum 1, with two soldiers left, go straight to the camp outside.

"In that case, let me go back to gu Tibet and tell you what happened these days." Looking at ma chao's face, lv bu did not continue to ask han sui about the matter, with ma chao, the two sides of the horse and troops together, heading for the direction of gu Tibet."Something like that." Lv bu nodded, and the dragon bone chariot in the han dynasty was able to automatically draw water out of the field by means of the rapid flow of water, which was very efficient. However, the force required by the water was very high, and it could not be used by a river.Wen hired was unprepared for these women showed a literacy, Addis around the circle take people put arrows, under these girl riding and shooting skill is not home yet, put a few bye arrows, but Addis riding and shooting skill but kill out of practice, a dozen ducale are almost all Addis one, in the end, only hire a below, blasted surrounded by a group of women.900933"They are the king, and it is lupus who took these three hundred soldiers and lured daru out of the city." Tanu pointed to the horse with a look of fear in his eyes. Although he had never seen how the three hundred men defeated the thousand soldiers of daru, it was too fierce after the troops entered the city. Daru was the warrior of the king of tu.

900933"You...... "Lu lingqi looked at pang tong angrily."Are you a righteous man of white horse?""The report ~"

"You...... "The Wolf qiang king smell speech great anger, point to tu each wang way:" that I help yue shi wang.The wind at night, blowing a silk of cool, short half a month of time, the climate has completely entered the summer, guzang city occasionally hear some sad songs, it is in mourning the voice of the dead, but at the moment listen in the ears of han sui, these sounds, slowly some change taste."Let us go home, madam." Zhou cang a face of black line looking at a pair of king of the mountain dress lu lingqi.900933





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