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hawkao电脑印花机MiaoShang only feel chest a jam, oneself want to have the ability, also don't want to pretend to harm lyu3 bu4 through the way.Send spies to monitor d's movement, while sending people to clean up the battlefield, at the same time sent messengers to changan, the loss of this battle is not small, but also succeeded in repelling the army of the west cool, is to solve the changan siege of more than half of the crisis, the rest of jun, now instead of worry.JingZhao, lyu3 bu4 nature can't know thousands of miles away, west cool two governors have reached a consensus with cao cao, arise together to crusade.

"Three thousand?" Seibel nodded: "I want to lead five thousand elite people, stationed in the north county, you will continue to stay in huaili, training recruits, while sending someone to changan for help, I will write a letter, please general wen yuan to help.""No, how dare I trouble Mr. Wen Ho to go in person, and I'll send someone to ask for it." Yang Wang shook his head and looked earnestly at Giffin and said, "Brother Wen He, you said to me, Wen Hou really brought fewer than a hundred people?"The country shrugged his shoulders. "I don't know, what else can you do?"hawkaoChapter forty-one prelude

hawkao"Chieftain, I think, it is his lyu3 bu4 to us, we don't have to promise him so soon, may also want some benefits from the han people." White water qiang a huge wooden house, white water qiang twelve hao shuai gathered here at the moment, talking, it is last night by lyu3 bu4 drink scold hao shuai, at the moment his face with a little resentment.Fang Yun looked at his words and expressions and hurriedly said, "Master, this man is as cunning as a fox. When he heard that the master had broken the city, he took advantage of the chaos and fled. Now he has lost his bearings." At the moment in order to save his life, but even the master called, even as prisoners, other county collectors looked at the eyes of the party allow, with some disdain.In lyu3 bu4 heart, has been for the invasion of the huns, ready for a feast, three days, has been enough for him to prepare.

D stood up, sink a track: "since the tetrarch ordered you for marshal, there is no less general in the army, only general d."Xu Gong is the former satrap of Wu Jun, When sun ce from yuan, beat liu yao, power soared, take advantage of wu county, xu gong lost, took refuge in yan baihu, after yan baihu perished, and defected to xu zhao, sun ce didn't pursue, not to mention potential poor force solitary xu gong, where to this skill, the sun ce is not weak scholar, xu gong invited people, can't be close to all difficult to say, let alone kill.This idea, It is natural to be hungry before you know it, The sable cicada, one of the four greatest beauties of all time, with Jo on his side, coupled with the influence of the information explosion of previous generations, Although it is undeniable that at the moment of Yang Xi dressing up, softly with a bit of heroic face, let lyu3 bu4 have a momentary desire to conquer, but still far from let him boiling feeling, nature more unable to realize that these have been living in the mountains, with the beast of the qiang people young man at the moment that surprised the feeling of heaven and man.hawkao




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