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谢娜 怀孕|温控仪价格"Yes, Sir, show me the way." The general also looked at pang tong, at the moment the general was at a loss what to do, it is the most easy to shake the time, was zhuoyang said so, also subconsciously will pang tong as a savior."Well!""This...... The scouts gave deng xian a bitter look.

Get excited! It's death. What's so exciting about it? Guan yu suspected that these hu soldiers were not fed what evil medicine will let these people regardless of life and death rushed up."It is general yan. When general yan heard that chengdu had been conquered, he had surrendered to jingzhou. Now he is under the command of zhuge liang, the strategist of jingzhou. Do not expect these ordinary soldiers to have much loyalty, especially in the current situation of the division of shu, as now these two scouts know deng xian, the two sides are originally fu ze, as long as caught, basically some information can be obtained."Yes, although this man is old, but regardless of the martial arts and tactics, looking across the middle of shu, only general zhang ren can be an enemy?" Deng xian nodded.谢娜 怀孕|Immediately, two pro - guard forward, direct pang tong hands.

谢娜 怀孕|""Help jiangxia! Chen had a cold look at ford, and he saw the surprise in his eyes. He humed, but he didn't care too much at the moment. He quickly jumped onto a ship, and he quickly followed. Ford breathed a silent sigh of relief."Swish ~""Alarmist, true when I dare not behead you not to become!" Pang tong was not aware that he was now in his hands. He did not know how to advance or retreat

At the same time, pound, who was in charge of commanding the battle, looked at guan yu with a sneer. At this time, guan yu's action was obviously slow. Perhaps today, he could kill this famous general and make his own fame.Along the way, a bodyguard of the imperial palace did not hinder him, but it seemed to him that his eyes were full of mockery"Well!"谢娜 怀孕|




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