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博罗平安中学扁钢管"Lord, shall we... "Gao LAN stood beside cao cao, frowning at sitting on the back of the sun yi, after all, cao cao is the main alliance of the alliance, two families do this, rather too don't put cao cao in the eye.Huang zhong sneers at a sound, in the hands of sand knife a Yang, not slow and slow a knife knock out, can be in the other side long gun near the body will be the other side long gun knock off."Nervous? Lyu3 bu4 looked at half a gun in the hand of the lu zheng, frowning slightly, indeed, the fame of zhuge liang let lyu3 bu4 have some pressure, but the rest of wind waves are seen, cao cao, huck, giffin, sun ce, zhou yu and Carthage, these enjoys high reputation in the later generations together in Athens or lean, which didn't in lyu3 bu4 those eaten kui, fear is not to say.

'not impossible, but certain! Zhuge liang was resolute.There was a dull thud. This time the crossbow was not a projectile, but a nearly flat shot, and though the range was shortened, the power of the arrows multiplied."The Lord is right." Horses are patted the ballista, relative to other ballista, a burned the lightest, also largely retained many of the ballista, horses are being top craftsman, can calculate some of its properties, shake head to sigh a way: "is I underestimate the land, but research and development of the crossbow, it seems, are still not perfect, otherwise, the general yesterday pound are dangerous."博罗平安中学Although the wooden shaft struck the shield, it failed to break through. However, many of the shields were wrapped in cow hide. The wooden shield inside started to break apart.

博罗平安中学Zhou yu turned his head and looked at lv meng, saying, "remember, keep a close watch on the movements of jiangxia. Once jiangxia is mobilized, do not hesitate to send troops immediately."Presumptuous! Guan yu's eyes narrowed and sneered, "now you are the only one left in the four court pillars of hebei. I think that the four court pillars of hebei are no longer necessary.""Zhong mou is afraid of me, and unlike bo fu, zhong mou's means are quite cruel and spicy, especially to his own people." Zhou yu sighed and said, "of course, I have been collecting firewood and mulberry for years. I made up my mind to take over jingxiang.

"Not really, but I'm afraid these people can't come back!"This time, because there is no need to fear also lyu3 bu4 and shoving, cao cao directly accepted the main task, after all, cao cao and lu bu, now basically is the Nemesis, including liu bei, too, no matter who presided over cemented, is incompatible with lyu3 bu4, so at this point, two people not evade a self-effacing, cao cao out, directly to preside over to worship."Don't forget that liu bei and liu zhang belong to the same family. If you can betray liu zhang today, who knows if you will betray liu bei someday?" Fazheng shook his head, some pity to see zhang song, sometimes, intelligence and wisdom is really not the same thing, zhang song outstanding ability, have a photographic memory can, but the idea, sometimes too naive.博罗平安中学




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