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绿石村|旅行社推广"So, in terms of style, you operations with > > > normal operations are very different, battle, to maintain the absolute calm, a strike, retreat, our own synergy to help you kill others, don't see you now in strength, but strength, that is a man, born on, don't say with a title of generals in ancient times, lead battalion of soldiers than, even in the regular army, your strength is not the biggest, moreover, the general cost for such a big cost to train you, not take you hard to touch with others, jade with a rock, junking!""General, don't run. Zhang liao didn't catch up." One will rush to the side of the high dry, breathing....

"Zhang he! Have the courage to fight with me 300 rounds!" In the roar of the rough, the rough voice of the broad sea even in the chaos of thousands of troops and horses, also clear and incomparable passed over.< / p > < p > guan yu, zhang fei do not know what happened, but with liu bei acquaintance for 20 years, or the first time to hear liu bei's tone with such great anger and severity, they only know that the elder brother angry, also can not continue to ambush, each with the horse rushed out of the city, is to see the broad sea mention the copper rod, want to retreat.Zhang yan was the tripartite forces on the choice of headache, Carthage, cao cao naturally do not want to offend too much, finally reached an agreement, put zhang he over the mountains, falling has been as a hostage to grant stayed, but didn't leave white falling, finally persuaded zhang yan lyu3 bu4 slam the door, though not yet to make a choice between cao cao in Carthage, but also killed accidentally breaking in to begin, send to give lyu3 bu4, is similar to the warlords.绿石村|"I had thought that every time we lost a water war, it was because we were not able to stand still on our ships. Our ships were rocked by the current of the water. Seibel thought suddenly came out of it, in the heart the mouth sneer at 1: "can be ordered to the ship ship the quest, ten or twenty one row, middle are connected by cable, board, make it a ship, as a result, the impact of the water, not enough to make the boat sway, our army soldiers on the water, can also gets! With the width of the river, we can reach the other side only after crossing over ten zhang. We will use the big ship as a bank to attack the fords of the enemy, and we will be able to fall down in battle!"

绿石村|Is not so much a mourning of the freeze to death, rather, is through this opportunity will be a kind of accumulated resentment of the heart to explode, in a short period of time, by the prestige of liu bei and humane nominal also suppress lived, but a long time, I'm afraid this dissatisfaction with the men will be gradually transferred upon Liu Beisan brothers, at that time, liu bei had very not easy, erected in the military prestige even to sell at a discount greatly.This doubt did not last too long, gao shun did not appear, after all, is a good thing, perhaps he thought that there are the four people have enough to defeat them, CAI MAO began to organize human resources for defense, to receive from all sides fled back to the horses."The chance of life and death, if our army fell, cao cao will be at a disadvantage!" Judge match shen voice way: "this time is not about personal grudges!"

"General, don't run. Zhang liao didn't catch up." One will rush to the side of the high dry, breathing.Speaking, this would also like to thank the lyu3 bu4 aggressively migratory population of nanyang, nanyang large family family migrating south, to the land of the nanyang, family die, let liu bei in the process of development, much less grip, and therefore, liu bei to changan many policies can be said to be the most eager, if not, will be under a bunch of counsellor to discuss, how to use on this side."Be!" Li shuxiang a stem head stand up, solemnly to lv bu a fist, pick up their equipment, soon, 108 night owl camp will disappear in the camp.绿石村|




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