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采药傍梁宋|塑料布价格"Well, I'll arrange for you as soon as possible, and I wish Timuzhen brothers an early success. If this battle can be won, I'll make you ten thousand families, and allow you to form your own tribe." Qui-tou laughed aloud.Zhou Cang understood, and pulled up Fei's three ways: "Let's go, let me find the tunnel."According to lyu3 bu4's plan, Kui Tou did hit Daxi Xinjue a surprise, not from some complacent, looking at Daxi Xinjue in the canyon to rectify the army, can not help laughing: "Ha ha ha, this war, our army will win!"

Chapter XI Divided SoldiersLyu3 bu4 shook his head, is at this time, zhou cang hurried up, attached to lyu3 bu4 ear way: "master, really found the secret way, can go straight to the outside of the city.""Pound, Liao Hua!" Lyu3 bu4 looked at pound: "you two with me commander in chief of the armed forces, before the transfer of fifty thousand xiongnu soldiers with all, plus my twenty thousand troops, tomorrow at five, vowed to go."采药傍梁宋|"You..." The huns warrior a stay, incredible look to Qui-head, want to say what, beside him step root has pulled out the machete.

采药傍梁宋|"Monseigneur, which side shall we save first?"Kirby can not ignore the explanation, behind TaBaJi powder has a knife toward him, hurriedly break open MurongGui machete, a Mali hiding, with superb riding slipped to the side of the horse.This is the first time Guan Hai has acted as a lobbyist, Before, because lyu3 bu4 account, for the sake of a large number of famous generals, Although it is lyu3 bu4 side of the old man, but there are few unique opportunities, the in the mind may not be without some unhappiness, just tube hai is very contented, lyu3 bu4 after stability, also quite take care of these old people, this unhappy, not to discontent, just in the heart, there is always a kind of want to make a contribution in it.

"Who did it?" Come to the rescue of the chieftain of the begging fu tribe looked at such a tragedy, cold face deep way."We are not here to choose a master." Lyu3 bu4 turned a white eye, sneer at a way: "On the contrary, it is because of his character, just make so big xiongnu king's court, besides step degree root, unexpectedly have no usable will! Soon, he will use me."This matter, is only a small matter, but there are a lot of big things are raised from the small things.采药傍梁宋|




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