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悠月舞|黎明液压有限公司Two crossbow soldiers darted out of the two wings and did not advance. After avoiding the flaming crossbow wagons, the jingzhou troops behind the crossbows fired wildly."At the mercy of big brother." Guan yu kneels down again on the ground, sink sound way.'tell me the truth! Zhang fei looked around, a hook fu DE's neck, pulled him to the corner, whispered threats: "kongming that boy is not to give you what task?"

"Commander, or the end is near." "The latter took zhou yu by the hand and hurried on.The next day, cao cao began to attack tiger prison pass. Different from liu bei's trial, after half a month's harassment of gao shun, both cao cao and his generals held their breath in their chest.Wei yan jilted his head, jilted these miscellaneous thoughts and looked at pang tong with a face of irritation.悠月舞|"Change the crossbow! < / p > < p > finally out of the range of the rhubarb crossbow, gao shun did not hesitate to order all the crossbowmen put on a strong penetrating single shot crossbow, cao jun was a group of sword and shield at the moment, together, penetrating strong single shot crossbow at the moment is able to play a more powerful lethal force.

悠月舞|Plumes of smoke rising up, but it doesn't make any sense, smoke fog wrapped, don't say miles above, are ten zhangs outside all may not be able to detect, as for everyone else, could guild wars, was from the ledge to climb up the beacon tower people in the middle, very know machine lost his weapon, kneeling on the ground, no one wants to die, even if it is a soldier in the case of this resistance is obviously dead, also few people willing to moment."You don't want to see liu bei army battle ability how?" Sun jing took a look waltman, lyu3 bu4 army's combat effectiveness, but Cao Caojun combat effectiveness is sun jing to bring very great shock, although in before the battle, jun is almost by seibel pressure, but there is no denying the fact that jun whatever equipment or soldiers fighting capacity, higher than Jiang Dongjun, if in jiangdong military forces, before that, I'm afraid don't play the last fight was devastated, and jun although low morale, but has been playing at the end of the seibel idea, but not defeated, this is the gap.Chapter 57 eagle's eye

Jiangdong, chai sang.Zhou yu turned his head and looked at lv meng, saying, "remember, keep a close watch on the movements of jiangxia. Once jiangxia is mobilized, do not hesitate to send troops immediately."Really?" The method be half smile not smile of see toward zhang song, shake head way: "son qiao elder brother, you difficult way still hold your that impractical old and noble family fantasy up to now? Give it up. Whether you follow liu zhang or find liu bei, the result will not be better than now."悠月舞|




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