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幻想卡盟安琪儿自行车"Clatter ~""Kung-tai?" Lyu3 bu4 looked back and smiled in amazement. "It's so late, why haven't you gone to rest?""Sun ce is dead?" Shepherd slope, lyu3 bu4 look at the latest information from changan, slightly startled, among governors, he is probably the last to know the news, at this time from sun ce was assassinated, died almost half a month ago.

"Wenhou forgive me, you can only take two people with you, others must wait outside Yuanmen. The woman has a crisp voice."Your excellency?" Accompanying the general also found something wrong, twist a head to zhong yao."Here!" Jun hou and most general officer also don't have an idea at the moment, can only listen to zhong yao, a line of people at the moment, toward the west.幻想卡盟"There is no other way!" Marotta helplessly sigh, he once for dong zhuo governance, know the huns fierce, if according to the risk, ten thousand han army enough to block hundreds of conference semifinals, but if on the field, grew up on horseback, good at riding and shooting the huns is too much.

幻想卡盟"Poof ~"The Moon Clan, When it comes to inheritance, since the pre-Qin period has multiplied in the Hexi Corridor area, Established in the Western Han Dynasty, once helped the Han people beat up the Huns, when Huo Qubing was on an expedition to the Huns, but also with the help of the Moon people, Only to be broken by the huns, The Moon Clan, which once controlled 100,000 strings, is divided into two, The main force through the Gobi, established the frost empire, and another in the western regions of Hetao wandering, eventually established a small moon people, until the end of the Han Dynasty, the three kingdoms period, the moon people are the object of the han dynasty conscription, was classified as qiang hu, until after the three kingdoms, gradually integrated with the qiang people into one, can be regarded as a hetao region, a pro-han minority."Don't stop me!" D pitifully looked at the defenders of ChengTou, gnashing his teeth: "Even if the war to the last soldier a pawn, also want to kill my family thief, cut!"

A few also found wrong, began to warn loudly call harmony moment by the earth-shaking shout ShaSheng cover up.But as lyu3 bu4 said, if you don't fight this one, the moon people will sooner or later be expelled from hetao, the huns, or even the extinction of the clan, if a fight, may be able to fight out a great future, but he is not a gambler, this one decision, related to the survival of the whole tribe, a time, some wavering."Zhou Cang general, this person can't kill for the time being, or wait for the matter of hanoi, such as master." Wei yan wry smile.幻想卡盟




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