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星光大道20091121|短拆短借If not, withdraw!"Afraid of what? Lyu3 ling3 qi4 leng4 of the silver gun grasp in the hand: "since already come, that let these xian3 bei4 people know our fierce, the bolt top string, act according to the occasion!""The guardsmen have sent after them, marking the way." Chen gong nodded.

"Well!" < / p > < p > deputy excitedly agreed to a sound, began to call retreat, just at this time, the other military suddenly a change, from the middle split a gap, lv bu that a striking suit of equipment in the sunset is particularly dazzling.As the day went on, the thought things would be so in the past, who also have never thought, three days later, little running horse camp, will leave a letter to Addis lyu3 bu4, looking at the contents of the letter, lyu3 bu4 face some black, this wench, unexpectedly privately with her soldier left, euphemistically called to try.News, according to miss big returned from the western regions giffin have a feeling, xianbei will have happened recently, she has already begun in-depth grassland to elicit information, hope don't affect the subjugation of the hetao plan, time is very important to lu bu, slow step, the final result is that the slow step by step, by lu bu's population, even if the stability and development, want to restore the prosperity of the guanzhong, also want to more than twenty years.星光大道20091121|"How can the Lord speak so?" Liang xing fell on his knees and looked at han sui and said, "the last will be willing to fight to the death."

星光大道20091121|< / p > < p > lu lingqi looked at fun, stopped to look at the ugly ghost with a gang of guards in there to scold, she is the art of high courage, also regardless of here is the house of thorns, if someone recognized her, run no place to run.Come back to life?"Zhou shu, you return true find come." Lv lingqi some speechless looking at zhou cang, immediately found the team livid wenpin, slightly surprised looking at the man: "how do you get this guy?"

"First row, go!General han when the atmosphere is far from the Ming and qing dynasties era, qiang han two plus lyu3 bu4 to fusion, half a year's time, there are some results, at least on the way to see the qiang people, the people will not see the appearance of the monster to see a pair of them, even lu bu in the wine shop also see several qiang people gather together into a table with the han people, to talk, should be in business.Is thinking, tanu but said: "not qinhu, is the han army troops, lu bu."星光大道20091121|




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