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下周大盘走势乌密王With lv meng's cold cry, the surrounding jiangdong warships began to advance from all sides."Gentlemen, liu zhang had his experience, but after all, he had a battle with all the Kings and ministers. Now yizhou has been surrendered, and I have said, let bygones be bygones." Pang tong sink channel.The others were all on the alert, following the direction the soldier pointed out, and all of them looked at the river, but saw a big ship floating in this direction, but strangely, there was no one on the ship, as if it were an empty ship, floating on the river.

Pang shiyuan, whom zhuge liang knew, had a lot of shortcomings in his character. Zhuge liang was good at strengthening his strengths and avoiding his weaknesses.< / p > < p > a group of family ding people wake up, even rolling with a crawl out of a passage, even liu zhang, looking at this scene could not help but swallow several mouth water."The report ~"下周大盘走势

下周大盘走势As for the overall situation, ma su before the idea and zhuge liang happened to agree, decisive victory in the battlefield outside, pang tong army expedition, chengdu interior must be empty, if at this time, to persuade chengdu family defection, it is equivalent to break pang tong road, this war can be won without a battle."Is that veteran yan yan?" Wei yan sat on the horse, a thousand miles away from the mirror, looking at the side of the deng xian asked."Well!" "Back to the general, ling bao was ordered to surrender by liu," he said. "now that the gate has been opened, pang tong and wei yan have come into the city with their horses and soldiers. General, what should we do

Looking at pang tong, even that ugly face at the moment also feel pleased with a lot of, deng xian hesitated for a moment, wry smile way: "Mr. Shi yuan has said to this share, the end will not only, willing to listen to your command."Well, it's been hard on you to be in the army all this time, and I'll be with your ladyship when the battle is over." Liu DHSGuan yu stepped back a little and took up his position with his own school knife, keeping the barbarians at bay. In terms of battle coordination, the jingzhou army might not be as well trained as the troops of guanzhong, but it was several times stronger than the barbarians in the western regions.下周大盘走势




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