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又肉又污的黄文|大型游乐设备过山车Just hold the situation as zhaoyun and this popped up, jingzhou has floundered, Ren Cai decided how to stop also cannot alter, three people like three constantly to jingzhou sharp sword for army contingents tear, CAI has slightly, while also difficult to three valiant soldier repeatedly to kill the enemy, and combined with ares crossbow roar before roaring provoked jingzhou in the morale of the fear, now see the enemy in Athens appear one by one, make the morale of this downturn is more.Be shocked not only is cao cao, more numerous allied soldiers and men, the handsome flag down, the heart of the army, what's more, lv bu this arrow of the wei too terrible, for a time, even rear command archer MAO jie all some fear.Strange, even in the face of holds sea, zhang he dare to fight with sea holds at least a bucket, but to lu bu, zhang he is actually not too's clash with lu bu, but that deep in the heart of fear, but let zhang he heard that the sound of the trumpet, when all has lost the fight, this point of view, for a blow, is very disgraceful, and zhang he such a general, but he could not restrain.

If yuan benchu can live after three years, he will be awarded back to him. Such a great talent, for three years of dedication to my work, but not salary, is rare, to be honest, more to be satisfied. "Lv bu did not care.Chapter 83 implementation"All the men in the camp would drive the grain wagons ten feet away and turn their backs on the grain wagons. Lv bu clapped his hands and shouted.又肉又污的黄文|CAI MAO heart suddenly a cold, especially guan yu that look intentionally or unintentionally fell on his neck.

又肉又污的黄文|"This...... "Xu shu felt stunned and didn't know what to say. This doubt, in fact, deer mountain college teacher have skirted speak, two of the specific case, cao cao can't remember, but whether Mr Water mirror water mirror or pound male, while reading through the history of subset, but seldom go to chapter and verse, but if you listen to them, the core, but can feel from the history of the subset.'what? Yuan shang complexion greatly change, twist a head to see to a big orca severe voice way: "send my command immediately, life gao LAN general attack linshui big camp!""Let go, you rascal! Xu you some out of breath, hard to beat xu chu's arm, but he a session of the teachers of the law, where to earn open, angry way: "mang fu, evil man, I am a benefactress to the minister, you dare to move me! ?"

Ma chao pulled out a gun from the horse bag and shook his hand. Li dian heard the sound of the wind in front of him.Xun yu is out, which lu bu is also a as long as the undead, lean is playing more and more fierce, lyu3 bu4, two years ago, but was a Chen's playing around in xuzhou, of course, this is not to say no, Chen just contrast now lyu3 bu4 prestige and power, who dare to imagine, two years ago, now it rests in the grand northwest 虓 tiger at the beginning was barely Chen tung and his son to play with life?"Die, shameless boy! < / p > < p > through the gap, has seen the outside of the city to kill the army here, han rong can not help but roar, to fight pound horse dance gun.又肉又污的黄文|




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