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黄渤身价|微信营销软件站街王The throne of the emperor was hanging in the air, and lv bu, as a general riding an hussar, stood on the right side of the seat of the emperor, which was regarded as a kind of respect to the han dynasty. Although the emperor was not here, lv bu had invited the han emperor on such an important occasion to receive foreign envoys."Go!" < / p > < p > lanzhan will be angry jade pillow hit on the door, where there is the figure of lv bu, holding bright arms, after the determination of lv bu left, finally could not help crying."Return! < / p > < p > ma qiu hate stare majestic one eye, riding back to run, and high pet neck and neck, constantly forced to guan yong, people have not arrived, ma qiu a hook club, hook to guan yong club.

"Your majesty, I would like to surrender the whole country to the state of paikche. I only ask the king of the state of han to allow the hussar general to spare my people a living way. I am willing to pay back ten times the losses of your army in those years." The three envoys knelt down on the ground, crying and wailing, with a deep sense of despair in their voice."Paikche? Cao cao looked at xun yu at a loss: "what place?"Liu bei nodded, really need to have a person to protect, after all, this jingzhou CAI family business for many years, many prefectures, county magistrate is CAI MAO promoted, when necessary, military deterrence is inevitable.黄渤身价|"Contain cao cao?" Lv bu frowned and said: "how to contain, once the troops, I am afraid of the situation of the princes together."

黄渤身价|"Retreat ten li to the village!" Yu ban some helpless, in addition to evasive, he cannot think of too good way to pick up these damn bohai sea naval division, north pays attention to water army rarely normally.This has to say the competition between chang 'an five.Zhao DE scolded for a long time, see the opposite of no reaction, is angry and helpless.

"Yan zhang fei here, CAI MAO dog thief, do not take life!" Zhang fei's loud voice could be heard clearly even though he was far away. Xiangyang was in chaos.Lyu3 bu4 just outside of your own house, after all, the attempt, followed by cao cao took place under the mass killing, to say nothing to do with lyu3 bu4, who don't believe that, the scholastic crusade in lyu3 bu4 voices came out of it again, the accused even start for ju-men lyu3 bu4's, think these people are clearly to collaborate."I'm afraid not." Shook his head in despair.黄渤身价|




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