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鲁冠球黑社会空白广告衫Up to now, han sui's men will die of the fall of the fall, now the only remaining, only one liang xing, fall, it is only a matter of time.Thinking of the bleak prospect, han sui sat in the hall of the government office and sighed, feeling the coolness of the night breeze. Han sui stood up suddenly with a cool look in his eyes.Although not as straightforward as tu hu ling, but when it comes to long-term damage, it is more effective than tu hu ling. At least, in more than a month, Wolf qiang, first zero and yue shi and even lu bu has been annexed tu yan, began to hunt huns."Kill!"

Last year, a big victory, although to the yueshi people brought huge benefits, but these benefits, but also let the yueshi wang's confidence some excessive expansion, this lesson, must let him down.Commander, in the huns has been regarded as a high-level, a group of soldiers smell, have put down the work in hand, looked up to the baby eagle, a bow and arrow, shot toward the baby eagle.The first month, for the people, is the most idle period of time, the weather is too cold, almost all people nest in their homes, for the next year to do a look forward to what, but for the group led by lu bu, this period of time is definitely not idle.鲁冠球黑社会Ordinary people naturally do not have such cumbersome etiquette, at least in the memory of lv bu, did not have this kind of treatment, shook his head, touched some at a loss to touch the head of the maid, looking back at liu yun said: "since into the door of lv jia, lu jia will follow the etiquette, red tape, can province province.

鲁冠球黑社会"Wait, see." Another general of high prestige shook his head. Now they needed to determine the attitude of the han people. Since they had sent someone to show that there was no hostility at least for the time being, and the other generals nodded their heads, it was best not to start a war with the han army.As for monkey, dog what, raise a few to put in the home, let diao cicada be bored when feed, also be not bad, still can have look after the role of the home."Still want to be general?"

Lyu3 bu4 this period of time, almost all is taking the city guard to rescue in various places, Chen gong et al also began to allocate some materials to appease the people, should be happy atmosphere, also be so diluted a lot, the people's mind is reduced, almost inevitable....Admire wood son lun mace, even kill several knights to zero, but the trend has become, powerless, the xiongnu people in growing Numbers are beginning to pieces, the wood is disorderly army forced back, just stop by Ezra pound chased out of ten, huns leave ground corpse, admire wood son see morale of decadent, after the nu scold a burst of, also can dim and retreat, dare not fight again.鲁冠球黑社会




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