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天蝎女喜欢一个人的表现|天然蜜蜡专卖实体店"Great news, Lord." Cheng yu hands swinging a roll of bamboo paper, cao cao.Lyu3 bu4 intuitive points out, and will let the justice department definitely write related rights and obligations, the clarity grade, let han superiority, give the next layer of the qiang people and Hu Min can a rising channel, under these people, of course, in a temporarily out to form a pyramid structure is given priority to with han Chinese.< / p > < p > a guli out of the camp, sent him out of the soldiers also sent a horse, think of this is to han sui subordinates of the horse, a guli heart is not a bit grateful, turned on the horse, then hit the horse gallop, he will be sent back as soon as possible, let Lao wang early preparation.

Lu bu raised the halberd and said sharply, "kill!""You immediately take people to first zero qiang, with the first zero wang said, we can let bygones be bygones, but first zero qiang must surrender to my huns. "If not, it will be the first zero race, razed to the ground!""My father said that you don't need to attack the city, you just need to build up your strength." Lv lingqi frowns a way: "we can disguise as a caravan, first sneak into juyan city, secretly store strength."天蝎女喜欢一个人的表现|Five thousand troops emerged at sunset outside the old battalion, which, under pound's command, had dug trenches outside the battalion to keep the enemy cavalry at bay.

天蝎女喜欢一个人的表现|After zhang wins big in lu bu already returned, chose to be loyal to lu bu, as the son of a poor family, zhang has no family burden, after affirming lu bu's ambition, chose to become an official.But CAI MAO in all the key road are set up checkpoints, strict inspection of pedestrians, let lu lingqi quite a headache, so on, have to be blocked in jingxiang.The heavy war horse resounds continuously, ma chao took the long gun handed by his subordinates, looked at the distant battle sound resounds through the sky, silently pulled the helmet below, a thousand xiliang cuocai appeared like a ghost in the rear of the xiongnu, and launched a charge against the xiongnu without any preparation.

This day, Addis with folding back to xiangyang, light black truth be lyu3 bu4 said don't know how many times, Addis exploits JingXiang the blind area, with a bold run to xiangyang, a few days, and not nap, a group of girls had outplayed, Addis let Li Shuxiang hid with people outside the city, in order not to attract attention, in a suit men's clothing, to the town to buy some supplies."This man says he can help us." Lu lingqi shrugged her shoulders and pointed to the ugly young man.But burn off qiang soldiers obviously don't think so much, they only know burn when Lao wang died, and was killed by the han sui, plus before from the han army barracks brought out the news, let all qiang will point at the han sui.天蝎女喜欢一个人的表现|




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