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卢钟鹤 邓海光45号精密光亮管"Thank you for your understanding." Big Joe slightly relieved, see little Joe still stood there motionless, not from some breath, pulled his sister's hand.< / p > < p > the two sisters in accordance with the words, big Joe worried to see small Joe one eye, hurriedly to lv bu way: "husband, sister she just...... After all, it was an acquaintance, not... ""In." Meng da waved, let the small school leave, turned to liu zhang a bow.

"Let him in." Deng xian glanced at liuChapter 84 the tide is set"Before you brought the letter, the consigliere had secretly told me about you." Chen said, "who are you?"卢钟鹤 邓海光"Traitor?" The e smile smiled at liu zhang: "I have been your saddle horse for 20 years, but you take advantage of my absence, fornyou my wife, but also secretly murder me, also asked me why pestered, son can do

卢钟鹤 邓海光"Well, my father is not feeling well recently, and I want to go back to my mother's home tomorrow." After all, my husband has been in the army for a long time, rarely back, but he is not able to accompany around, some heartImmediately, two pro - guard forward, direct pang tong hands.Pang tong nodded, deng xian, ling bao in the military prestige after all less than zhang ren, although now occupied chengdu, chengdu north are all surrendered, but south of chengdu, ba county around the generals and officials did not say.

Deng xian nodded, turned his head to see the scouts a way: "put them back."When they came to the camp with vigilance, they were still surprised when they saw the bodies lying on the ground in various positions in a circle outside the house where wang Yin was originally stored. It was not because of the dead, but because all the people confirmed that none of the four hundred people left in the camp was alive."Rebellious?" Meng da smiled and shook his head, eyes, with a few minutes let liu zhang very uncomfortable look.卢钟鹤 邓海光




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